21.11.2022 From Show to Shopper
01.06.2022 IFFA 2022
14.03.2022 Handtmann at the Anuga Food Tec 2022
14.03.2022 Handtmann at the IFFA 2022
21.02.2022 Plant-based milk alternatives
30.09.2021 Dr. Mark Betzold to complete the management team at the Handtmann Maschinenfabrik
30.09.2021 Handtmann supporting New Food concepts and start-ups
21.07.2021 Customer Story: Delicatessen Benz
20.04.2021 New VF 800 vacuum filler for the medium performance segment
20.04.2021 The new DS 552 depositing system
20.04.2021 The new DV 85-1 dosing valve
19.04.2021 All-in-one FS 525 forming and cutting system wins International FoodTec Award in silver
02.04.2021 Handtmann Group of Companies acquires Dutch mechanical engineering and trading partner Verbufa
23.03.2021 The DIL and Handtmann as cooperation partner
11.03.2021 New SE 442-1 dough dividing system
25.02.2021 New hanging unit AHE 228-16/17
04.02.2021 Success Story: Pet Food Christian Knott
04.02.2021 Success Story: Sorger
03.02.2021 Farewell to retiring Managing Director of Handtmann Maschinenfabrik
15.01.2021 Handtmann receives “familiy concious company" rating
20.10.2020 Success Story: Granby
20.10.2020 Success Story: Cardeal Alimentos
06.10.2020 Hans Heppner appointed new Managing Director of Sales at Inotec GmbH
02.09.2020 End-to-end process from processing to the flow pack
03.08.2020 Success Story: Salamico
23.06.2020 Handtmann going Social Media
29.04.2020 VF 800 vacuum filler with UVC module against viruses
19.03.2020 Information on the Corona Virus Pandemic
17.01.2020 Handtmann Iberia new in Spain and Portugal
12.01.2020 Handtmann at the ProSweets 2020 in Cologne
08.01.2020 Handtmann Group of Companies acquires Inotec
24.10.2019 Handtmann France on course of growth
02.09.2019 Success Story: Südbayerische Fleischwaren GmbH
02.09.2019 Success Story: Kampsen GmbH & Co. KG
07.06.2019 Handtmann innovations at the IFFA 2019
04.06.2019 Handtmann at IFFA 2019
17.12.2018 Handtmann Maschinenvertrieb Deutschland
31.10.2018 Handtmann speaks at the GEA Craftsmanship
21.09.2018 Handtmann at the iba
20.04.2018 Fleischerei Technik Award for Handtmann collating system
13.04.2018 Handtmann successful at the Anuga FoodTec 2018
13.03.2018 New VF 800 D vacuum filler for dairy products
28.02.2018 Anuga gold medal for Handtmann forming systems
04.08.2017 Trendy because it's simple and tasty: Naan bread
21.06.2017 The new party snack – Mozzarella sticks
14.06.2017 Expert butcher impressed by the simple handling of the VF 610 plus
06.06.2017 A diverse range of pet food is called for!
23.05.2017 Automation. Process reliability. Production networking.
15.05.2017 The new street food trend – falafel
13.04.2017 Are you faced with challenges? We’ve got solutions.
03.04.2017 Technology scouting at Handtmann by the Finnish meat industry
23.03.2017 Top marks for Handtmann from the meat industry
13.03.2017 Automation with collating system
20.05.2016 Handtmann wins the coveted FT award at the IFFA 2016 with the new VF 800 vacuum filler
11.10.2022–12.10.2022 International Pet Conference Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
30.11.2022–01.12.2022 Plant Based World Europe Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
01.02.2023–02.02.2023 Conference Future Proteins Handtmann & Multivac
04.05.2023–10.05.2023 Interpack Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik
24.10.2023–27.10.2023 Cibus Tec Handtmann Italia s.r.l.
04.05.2023–10.05.2023 Interpack Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik
Parma, Italia 24.10.2023–27.10.2023 Cibus Tec Handtmann Italia s.r.l.