New X40 communication interface for metal detectors

New communications interface for smart portioning and detection process

Handtmann has developed a new communication interface that takes the connectivity of Handtmann system technology and foreign object detection solutions to a whole new level.

The new X40 communication interface is open for metal detectors of all manufacturers. Producers of meat and sausage products of medium to industrial size in particular will benefit from the central line control and the flexible configuration for a wide range of production processes. The metal detector is installed directly at the outlet of the Handtmann vacuum filler or downstream of the inline grinding system, if used. In sausage production, it is installed between vacuum filler/inline grinding system and clipper/AL sausage filling line or, in the dosing of liver sausage products or spreads, between vacuum filler and depositing system. Synchronisation, signal exchange, programme change and much more are carried out centrally via the vacuum filler’s monitor control, greatly simplifying the operation of the overall line. If the operator changes the programme on the vacuum filler, the metal detector’s programme is automatically changed as well to ensure that the correct metal detector programme for the respective article to be produced is used at all times and to enhance quality assurance even further. Integrating a foreign object detection device in the filling process allows early detection and rejection of metallic contaminants in all fluid to pasty products during the filling and portioning process, thus ensuring a continuous overall production process. Transparency with traceability of production histories is reflected in regular records and audits.

In addition to the new communication interface between vacuum filler and metal detector, Handtmann also offers the Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU), a software solution for the paper-less documentation of the tests the metal detector requires. The HCU automatically records any metal detector test carried out in defined intervals or when changing an article. If the test is successful, production can continue. If the test is negative, the line locks itself. Restarting is only possible after a successful test to release the line. Also, a test may only be acknowledged by authorised persons who can be managed through the HCU software. All tests and metal detections are automatically recorded and logged. A report function can then be used to automatically forward the tests to defined groups or departments, such as the QA department.