We put your vegetarian and vegan product ideas into shape

Vegetarian, vegan and meat substitute

Vegetarian, vegan and meat substitute

A wide variety of vegetable products and plant-based meat alternatives

Vegan and vegetarian diets are gaining importance worldwide. The number of people living vegan/vegetarian and of flexitarians as well as the consumers’ interest in plant-based meat alternatives is growing steadily. The range of vegetable products on offer has therefore become firmly established on the market. Respond to current market needs and use Handtmann technology to produce a versatile selection of vegan and vegetarian products or meat substitutes. From classic products to innovative and new product ideas with potential for gaining new market shares – the excellent portioning accuracy provided by our patented vane cell feed system is the key to a significant cost reduction and maximum product quality. Be it filled, portioned, dosed, formed, co-extruded or linked: the scope for vegetarian/vegan products with Handtmann is immense.

Veganes hack - vegan mince

Vegan mince

Plant-based mince: first-class product quality and appearance due to perfect interplay of the grinding and portioning processes. Our overall solution for the automated depositing of mince into plastic and cardboard trays as well as pillow bags achieve significant rationalisation effects.

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Vegetarische Nuggets - vegetarian nuggets

Vegetarian/vegan nuggets

Meat-free snack in familiar nugget shape. Formed, breaded and fried vegetarian or vegan poultry substitute product. Gentle portioning, forming and separating process for first-class product quality. Production on trays or racks is also possible as an option.

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The popular snack made with chickpeas or beans. Perfectly formed balls or burgers, including cost savings with every portion thanks to the high portioning accuracy and reduction of give-away.

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Vegetarischer Burger - vegetarian burger

Vegetarian/vegan vegetable burgers

Vegetable product portioned and formed to the gram. Our machines’ modular design allows for a large variety of products and shapes: round, square, longish and other shapes, such as burgers, slices and sticks in variable product sizes.

Vegetarische Wurst - vegetarian sausage

Vegetarian/vegan sausage products

The veggie sausage: plant-based sausage substitute in innovative, natural vegan alginate casing. Significant cost reduction thanks to accurate-to-the-gram portioning and a high level of automation all the way through to packaging.



The trendy soy product: tofu bars, portions or balls, and much more. Highly economical production process thanks to maximum weight accuracy and little give-away. Top hygiene conditions due to the possibility of full wet cleaning of our machines.

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Veganer burger - vegan burger

Vegan burger

Vegan meat substitute product, precisely formed into classic burgers with maximum cost savings thanks to accurate-to-the-gram portioning. We offer maximum quality in every respect, from filling all the way through to packaging. Our machines’ hygienic design ensures excellent hygienic production conditions.

Series of whitepaper part 1: Vegan mince

Are you producing meat substitute products or are you considering adding them to your product range? Would you like to find out more about suitable process technology for production?

Read everything about the trend product vegan mince in this whitepaper. Find out about the process technology you would need for production and what you should pay particular attention to during production. Whether you are an experienced producer or a beginner, benefit from valuable know-how to boost your product quality.

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