Salads and delicatessen

Appetising appearance and dosed accurate to the gram with Handtmann

Quality, aesthetic appearance and top-notch portion weight accuracy are the key challenges producers are faced with when processing salads and delicatessen products. Handtmann meets stringent requirements with its technological process solutions. Portioning accurate to the gram, for example of delicatessen salads with high material costs, is one of Handtmann’s core areas of expertise. Exact dosing is possible in many different ways, using manually operable auxiliary devices or automatically all the way to the packaging solution.

Fish curry

Fish and seafood salads

Shrimp salad, herring salad, seafood and the like


Raw fruit and vegetable, coleslaw and vegetable salads

Gently sliced for an appetising appearance.

Meat salad

Meat salad

Appetising dosing accurate to the gram into containers of all kinds.

Potato salad

Potato salad

A classic in many variants