Forming systems for a wide diversity

At the cutting edge with formed products

Forming systems from Handtmann are the right solution for producers who want to be a part of the trend towards new product diversity. The automatic production of formed products with various feed materials and cross-sections widens the range of modern, contemporary product ideas for today's consumers.

MFE 431 manual forming unit

The MFE 431 manual forming unit is a semi-automatic solution for the production of up to 30 burger patties per minute in different sizes from shapes various raw materials – efficiently and of the best-quality craftsmanship.

FS 525 forming and cutting system

The FS 525 forming and cutting system combines two different forming principles and thus achieves unprecedented flexibility in industrial applications.

FS 507 Forming System

In combination with a Handtmann vacuum filler and a Handtmann inline grinding system, the FS 507 forming system enables the efficient production of formed minced meat products.

FS 510 forming system

Multi-lane forming with a variety of mould components. For cylindrical products, sticks, 3D shapes, special shapes such as stars, hearts etc. deposited on conveyor belt or on supplied racks/trays

Система для формования FS 520 Handtmann с вакуумным наполнителем VF 800

FS 520 forming system

Multi-lane forming with rotating hole plate system. For burgers, balls, cylindrical products, 3D shapes and special shapes positioned on a conveyor belt or on racks/trays

Система для формования FS 521 Handtmann с вакуумным наполнителем VF 800

FS 521 forming system

For dumplings, cylinders, sticks and 3D shapes optionally in water or oil bath systems, laminating systems or subsequent conveyor belts

FS 522 with flattening belt

FS 522 forming system

For burgers, balls, cylindrical products and 3D shapes on conveyor belts with a flattening belt or optionally in water or oil bath systems, laminating systems or subsequent conveyor belts

FS 503 Forming System

The single-lane system can portion and shape a wide variety of products to the exact gram with direct transfer to the conveyor belt: almost all 3D product shapes and geometries are possible. Optionally with height-adjustable flattening belt for flattened products such as burgers and patties. For small and medium-sized businesses.

FS 501 Forming System

For gastronomy and food service, start-ups and craft businesses: the attachment for balls, dumplings, meat, fish and vegetable soups, hybrid convenience products, dairy products and pet food.

FST 546 filling flow divider, mobile variant

FST 544, FST 545 and FST 546 filling flow divider

Filling flow divider as stand-alone version or integrated into system solutions

Handtmann Koex MFD

Koex multi-former

Multi-lane system solution for co-extruded and formed products

MSE 441 manual cutting unit

 Manual solution for forming and cutting of all typed of food products


Weight-accurate and simplified dough dividing process

SE 442-1 cutting unit

Continuous portioning and dividing process via a rotary cutter with servo-driven blade.

SE 442 cutting unit

Multifunctional cutting unit with high dividing capacities for the production of a wide range of products.

Handtmann SE 443 cutting unit for tin loaf

SE 443 cutting unit

System solution for the production of tin loaves

Формователь для продуктов круглых и овальных форм RF 440 с вакуумным наполнителем VF 600

RF 440 round former

Facilitates a wide variety of products and shapes such as spherical, conical and oval products with diaphragm sizes of between 10 and 94 mm

Устройство для формования клецек 79-0 Handtmann

79-0 dumpling forming device

For accurately formed dumplings with maximum portioning accuracy

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