MFE 431

Manual forming unit for the semi-automatic production of burger patties

The MFE 431 manual forming unit is a semi-automatic solution for the production of up to 30 burger patties per minute in different sizes from shapes various raw materials – efficiently and of the best-quality craftsmanship. It only takes a few steps to mount the auxiliary device can be mounted on a vacuum filler without the need for any tools. The burger patties are accurately filled and portioned automatically by the vacuum filler, guaranteeing consistent product quality in terms of shape, size and weight. The large number of different forming plates allows a wide variety of shapes – even special shapes are possible. The MFE 431 manual forming unit is the ideal solution for small to large artisan butcher shops, catering businesses, commercial or canteen kitchens and producers of vegan, vegetarian and meat substitute products.

Economical efficient and high-performing semi-automatic solution

The MFE 431 manual forming unit is an economical efficient and high-performing solution for the semi-automatic production of up to 30 burger patties per minute. This makes it ideal for use in artisanal butcher shops, catering businesses and commercial or canteen kitchens. With only low acquisition costs, the MFE 431 is a thoroughly efficient partner in everyday production and the perfect solution in conjunction with a Handtmann vacuum filler.

Artisan products accurate to the gram

Combining the MFE 431 manual forming unit with a Handtmann vacuum filler ensures identical shape, size and weight of all burger patties. This guarantees consistent, uniform product quality: accurate to the gram and in best artisan quality.

Variety of shapes and flexibility

The gentle forming principle ensures the production of well-formed burger patties in any desired size in a wide range of diameters and product heights. It takes only a few simple steps to exchange the forming plates required for this without any tools (customised special shapes are available on request).


80 - 140

Product diameter

Up to 30

Portioning capacity

10 - 25

Product height

Top advantages

  • Efficient and semi-automated burger production with a production output of up to 30 burger patties per minute

  • Accurate-to-the-gram product weight of each burger patty thanks to the precise and weight-accurate portioning of the Handtmann vacuum filler

  • Expansion of the product portfolio through a wide range of shapes with low acquisition costs and fast amortisation

  • Optimum production and hygiene conditions thanks to hygienic design and easy handling with quick and tool-free exchange of the forming plates 

  • Maximum operating and device safety due to protective mechanism in case of operating or setting errors

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Applications and Product examples

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