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Pet food

Pet food

Pet food for start-ups and small-scale producers up to large-scale industrial production

INOTEC mixers and shredders are well established in the processing of pet food and are characterised by their robustness and the high precision of their production parameters. The modularity of Handtmann process solutions caters to a large variety of pet food, from wet pet food to cooked or fresh meat dosed into a wide variety of containers to sausage products and dry pet food sticks, bars, pellets or other shapes deposited into a wide variety of containers. The basis of all systems is the Handtmann vacuum filler as an intelligent control module for downstream product handling and automation solutions. The outstanding feature is the exceptional portioning accuracy, which guarantees first-class product quality with maximum economic efficiency. State-of-the-art technology and many years of experience and expertise in the production of pet food are the hallmarks of Handtmann. Only the best for dogs, cats, horses and more with Handtmann.


Sticks and bars

The treat for in-between - various feed materials formed into bars and sticks of various sizes and shapes. Portioning accurate to the gram and diverse process options involving depositing of the products on a conveyor belt or on racks and trays.


Pellets and cubes

Gentle and accurate-to-the-gram production of dry pet food pellets in countless shapes - sticks, cylinders, cubes, but also slices and much more. Highly efficient, automatic overall process with up to 24 lanes and sustainable conservation of resources.

Sausage - Wurst

Sausage products

From small-scale production to a fully-automatic process with maximum output of up to 3,000 portions per minute. From standard casing types, such as natural, collagen and artificial casings, to innovative vegetable alginate casing. Dried sausages, raw sausages and clipped dog sausage, for example, are portioned exactly to the gram.

Nassfutter in Dosen - wet food in tins

Cooked wet pet food

Precise and flexible portioning of fluid and pasty products accurate to the gram into all containers, such as trays, jars, tins or cups. Fully automatic and multi-lane through to the packaging solution for an economic and continuous production of meat meals, cooked products or mixes with whole meat pieces and vegetable components.

Fresh meat and vegetables

Fresh meat from whole meat pieces, tripe, offal and mixed vegetables or meat/vegetables mixes: Clean cutting of chunky products accurate to the gram and portioning directly into containers such as thermo-forming packaging.

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Riegel - Pet food bar

Würfel - Cubes

Tiernahrung Scheiben

Wurst -Sausage

Nassfutter - wet food