Dairy products

Trendy or classic dairy products

Handtmann provides technology for the automated production of milk and cheese products: forming and depositing systems with a vacuum filler as a basis for portions accurate to the gram. The system solutions are effectively supplemented with special add-on modules for the processing of hot products, such as a mobile heating unit for hopper temperature control. Even innovative product ideas can thus be implemented as new trend products, such as cheese sausages in alginate casing or mozzarella and cream cheese sticks. The same applies to in-demand convenience products such as dough pockets filled with cream cheese of fried cheese and many more. Top-quality variety is called for!

Formed cream cheese, fillings, cheese sausages, processed cheese

Cream cheese rings

Formed cream cheese

Rings, slices, sticks, cubes and more

Potato pockets


Multi-lane dosing of cream cheese and other fillings onto sheets of dough

Cheese sausages

Cheese sausages

Portioning and linking of cheese sausages in alginate casing

Processed cheese

Processed cheese

Direct portioning into casings and clipping

Cream cheese

Cream cheese, spreads, sauces and dips

Exact dosing into containers such as tubs, jars, trays ...

Herb butter

Herb butter, garlic butter and other types of butter

Portioning accurate to the gram into casings of many sizes

Grilled cheese

Grilled, baking and frying cheese

Effective evacuation and portioning with high vacuum

Yoghurt sticks

Yoghurt snacks

Yoghurt sticks in alginate casing

Mozzarella sticks

Highly efficient production of mozzarella, goat or other sticks

Plant-based milk alternatives

We offer automatic processing units and universal processing units for the production of hot and cold milk alternatives.