Milestones and quantum leaps

We have been passionate pioneers since 1954

Today, Handtmann is the result of pioneering spirit and inventiveness, coupled with Swabian down-to-earthness, open-mindedness and sustained visionary strength.

Since the company was established in 1954, Handtmann has made a significant impact and has played a leading role in developing technology in the vacuum filler and portioning systems areas for the food industry. From the manually operated filling device to high-tech automation solutions. And therefore from the hand-filled sausage to the convenience product. From natural casing to alginate casing. From traditional deli counter products to innovative milk, dough, confectionery and soya goods and other pasty products. From innovative leader to market leader.


7.4 billion

Global population

45 kilogrammes

Worldwide meat consumption per head

700 Employees

Handtmann employees


Production area


2.53 billion

Global population

20 kilogrammes

Worldwide meat consumption per head

3 Employees

Handtmann employees


Production area

Vision and responsibility

Resource-conserving solutions with added value

Handtmann milestones and quantum leaps

Identifying future challenges and developing trend-setting solutions with visionary technology – this is what we understand innovation to be.

For us as a family company, using resources carefully and economically is a key factor in our pursuit of economic success. We achieve this, for example, with our modular, energy-efficient and extremely durable system platforms that facilitate sustainable and environmentally-friendly food production.

At the same time, we put our trust in visionary technologies which provide successful support for the changes in the market and the challenges that our customers therefore face. Our developments are aimed at producing customer-focussed, excellent quality products which generate measurable added value.

Furthermore, we are in close dialogue with users around the world. We systematically record requirements and preferences voiced by managing directors, production managers, those responsible for technology and quality and machine operators. As they are often the driving force behind product innovations and new application solutions. To put it briefly, we work side by side with our customers and, as a committed, experienced and expert partner, we support them on their journeys. We are both a companion and a guide.

Integrated process solutions

From product preparation all the way through to the packaging

We like to think beyond, and offer not only the perfect solution for filling, portioning, linking, forming and dosing, but start at the product preparation stage with the appropriate mixing and grinding technology. For the downstream processes that follow the processing, we provide flexible product handling systems and interfaces for maximum automation and line expertise. In 2020, the Handtmann Group of Companies acquired the Inotec Group. Inotec is a leading manufacturer of innovative mixing and emulsification technology as well as tying machines for the food processing sector. Handtmann filling and portioning systems integrate seamlessly with the products from Inotec, thus creating turnkey overall lines. Handtmann Line Solutions (HLS) are responsible for the development, planning and implementation of these integrated production lines.