The most precise way of dividing dough

Baked goods

Baked goods

From small-scale to industrial producer: premium technology provides maximum diversity in baked goods.

Dough dividing systems and portioning machines of the VF 600 B series as well as the latest VF 800 generation, with the Handtmann vane cell feed system as the outstanding technical feature, stand for excellent product quality and weight accuracy. Which makes for a vital economic edge when it comes to the use of expensive raw materials. The systems have a modular design and are available with different performance levels to suit small-scale producers as well as industrial bakeries. From single-lane to multi-lane production, flexible in use for dough dividing, dosing or forming as well as separating in a single step when combined with auxiliary systems. For modern bakeries with a wide variety of products, from unmoulded wheat bread to tin bread, small baked goods, snacks or pastries.

Tin bread

Efficient dough dividing accurate to the gram and depositing various types of dough directly into moulds. For the most diverse types of bread, such as wholemeal spelt bread, rye bread, fruit bread, gluten-free bread, and much more. The entirely oil- and flour-free dough dividing principle and the outstanding weight accuracy guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness.

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Unmoulded bread

The entire range of breads can be divided with absolute precision and without oil and flour with a single dough divider – from unmoulded wheat bread to wholemeal rye, wheat or spelt bread, and also including gluten-free dough.

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Small baked goods

Production of all types of small baked goods: from round product shapes such as Vinschgauer to longish products like rye bread rolls. Dividing, forming and depositing of soft/pre-proofed dough in a single process step.

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Pan bread

Highly precise and oil-free dough dividing for the production of pan breads such as toast, sandwich toast and more. Its excellent weight accuracy guarantees maximum cost-effectiveness in dividing toast dough. This results in significant cost benefits, especially when operating 24/7.

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Our depositing systems can dose the most diverse filling onto multiple lanes and accurate to the gram. Whether it be chunky, firm, pasty, cold or hot. From pastry fillings for Danish pastries or croissants to vegetable or meat fillings for empanadas, pasta pockets and pelmeni – precision and diversity for your filled specialities are guaranteed.


Pastries/durable baked goods

Be it flowable or firm products or dough with inclusions, such as e.g. raisins: realise the most diverse and individual product appearances and maximum flexibility in shape for your pastry ideas. Cookies, muffins, pound cake, quark balls, brioche, yeast plaits, Stollen, almond horns, power bars or cereal bars – we put your sweet product ideas into shape.

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Gluten-free baked goods

Dough dividing and the processing of gluten-free dough and all types of products, be it bread, small baked goods or pastries. The oil-free portioning principle as well as the hygienic design of our process solutions ensure maximum process reliability and product safety.

Video: tin bread gluten-free Video: PANDORO GLUTEN-FREE

Flatbread/flat pastries

Accurate-to-the-gram dough dividing of pizza balls, naan, pide, crackers and more. Our universal and versatile dough dividing systems ensure the efficient, quality-conserving processing of dough of the most diverse consistencies and flow properties.


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Snacks to-go are the booming trend in the bakery industry and open up entirely new market potential. We offer maximum flexibility in the processing of different dough and product consistencies for the realisation of a wide variety of snacks. Be it ball-shaped products, such as pão de queijo, or sticks, snack bites and much more.

Pão de Queijo

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