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Variety of confectionery and snacks for trade and industry

Handtmann offers process solutions in combination with flexible auxiliary devices for an efficient and yet high-quality production of the most versatile applications for the confectionery industry: from soft product consistencies, such as cookies, or firm products, such as marzipan, through to innovative product ideas, such as snacks in alginate casing. In chains, cubes, blocks or bars. Our complete systems ensure maximum flexibility and a particularly precise filling and portioning performance for the forming, dosing, cutting or linking of your sweet application.

Handtmann Cereal Bar

Cereal bars/power bars

At the cutting edge with cereal bars, fitness bars, power bars and more. Weight-accurate forming and separating of dimensionally stable products from a wide variety of ingredients, such as cereals, fruit chunks, oil, honey and more.

Handtmann Biscuit Bar

Biscuit bars

Forming and separating of well-formable products from fat cream, biscuit components and jam into the most diverse shapes. 



Small and sweet, dressed in paper liners. Single-lane or multi-lane dosing of flowable product consistencies with inserts of chocolate or fruit chunks with accurate weights and without squashing the inserts.

Fruit jelly

Fruit bars

The fruity snack for on the go made from all kinds of fruit. Forming and separating viscous, stable and sticky product consistencies with maximum weight accuracy. Large variety of shapes and easiest product change options.

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Single-lane or multi-lane portioning and forming of cylinders, bars, cubes, balls and other geometric forms made from stable, plastic initial products, such as marzipan.

Video: Marzipan balls

Linked fruit paste

Innovative snacks in alginate casing - weight-accurate portioning and linking of viscous, stable and sticky fruit pastes. New product ideas in a large variety of shapes.

Rumkugeln-rum truffle

Rum truffles

The chocolate classic with rum, freely-formed with maximum weight accuracy. Increase in efficiency through the shift from manual work to single-lane or multi-lane machine processing of viscous, stable and sticky products.



Soft to firm dough consistency with chunks of chocolate ,fruit, nuts and more in a variety of forms. Maximum weight accuracy without squashing the inserts during separating.

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Quarkbällchen-Deep fried ball shaped donut

Quark balls

Fluffy-sweet dough balls, free forming of soft, flowable products with fresh egg or whole egg powder. High cycle rate of up to 250 cycles per minute with maximum weight accuracy boost your efficiency.

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