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Control Technology

State-of-the-art control technology for the central control and monitoring of all production processes. Programmed in-house and operable in 28 languages. The control in the Handtmann vacuum fillers controls, monitors and networks the production process perfectly.

The VF 600 and VF 800 vacuum fillers are therefore superior control centers in complex system solutions and highly compatible basic modules in automated production processes.

Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU)

Production outputs in real time, weight optimisation and increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The leading software solution for filling & portioning lines and supports as an intelligent Control instrument for documentation, analysis, optimization and planning of production processes.

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Handtmann Machine Cockpit (HMC)

The new Handtmann Machine Cockpit connects Handtmann filling and portioning systems with the Handtmann Cloud. Important information such as operating hours, pressure curves, error messages and machine status are continuously stored in the Cloud.

Handtmann Data Interface (HDI)

The Handtmann Data Interface (HDI) provides standardised interfaces for easy communication with data processing systems. You can easily integrate defined data either directly from the machine via the WS Food interface or by accessing the data via the OPC-UA  for WS Food interface.

Handtmann Line Control (HLC)

State-of-the-art production lines are becoming ever more complex. After the production of, for example, formed products, these often need to be deposited directly into the packaging without any further manual intervention. In order to simplify this process, the Handtmann Line Control (HLC) allows Status monitoring in real time, as well as automatic program change for the entire production line via the vacuum filler’s control System.

Intelligent Filler Clipper Interface (IFC)

The production of clipped products requires maximum portioning capacity. In the past, identifying the Optimum parameter setting between filler and clipper often proved to be a challenge. This setting process is now significantly simplified with the patented Intelligent Filler Clipper interface (IFC).

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Machine Setup Assistant (MSA)

Based on product information such as weight, length, casing type, etc. the Machine Setup Assistant (MSA) automatically proposes equipment options and parameter setting for the machines. The machine control system thus provides optimum support for new or inexperienced Operators.

Handtmann Monitoring Function (HMF)

Rejects are often only discovered after completion of the product. The delay between filling process and quality control may also result in a large and correspondingly expensive quantity of rejects. The Handtmann Monitoring Function (HMF) indicates already during production when parameters are outside the permissible range. This helps optimising your economic Efficiency.

Handtmann Product Visualization (HPV)

Our forming systems offer almost unlimited possibilities for product differentiation through innovative trend products. The visualisation of the product shape instead on the machine control system renders setting the products child’s play.

Handtmann Function Module (HFM)

The Handtmann Function Module (HFM) makes it possible: numerous software functions can be subsequently activated, easily and in line with requirements. And the absolute highlight is that the filling capacity of scalable VF 800 models can increase with your requirements – the patented concept of the scalable filling machine ensures maximum adaptability and considerable cost advantages.

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