Vacuum filler 4.0

IFC – intelligent interface between the filler and the clipper

IFC - intelligent interface safeguards process
The patented IFC interface (Intelligent Filler Clipper Interface) provides clear advantages in production thanks to synchronised and intelligent machine communication. The interface replaces product and process settings of the Handtmann VF 800 and Poly-clip Clipper production line. After the start of the production process, the clipper is controlled in real time via clip signals from the filler. Malfunctions or misproductions due to operating errors are eliminated. A smooth process flow is ensured.

Safe production start
After the product data has been entered in the clipper, the VF 800 automatically calculates the optimum filling and portioning parameters. They are transferred to the clipper where the basic data for safely starting the filling process is calculated. If the operator changes the filling output while the system is running the overall process is automatically adapted. 

Significant productivity increase
In addition to simplified operation and increased process reliability, the intelligent networking of the machines also leads to less wear and an increase in portioning capacity. This is achieved by means of the synchronisation and controlled overlapping of the portioning and clipping cycles in both machines. Due to cycle overlapping, maximum acceleration and deceleration of the drives (which leads to increased wear) is avoided and higher output is attained.

Productivity increase through IFC interface using liver sausage production as an example:
Clipped liver sausage, 125 g portion, 38 calibre
Maximum achievable portioning capacity (with optimally coordinated parameters):VF 800 + Poly-clip FCA without IFC:  163 portions/min.
VF 800 + Poly-clip FCA with IFC:     183 portions/min.
>> 10 % higher portioning capacity due to IFC interface

Top features

up to 10 %

Performance increase




Signal exchange



The advantages

  • Up to 10 % higher production capacity thanks to optimum vacuum filler and clipper synchronisation
  • Safe production start through automatic calculation of the optimum filling and portioning Parameters
  • Easy operation and setting of product parameters at the vacuum filler only guarantee process reliability
  •  Reduced mechanical wear due to controlled overlap of portioning and clipping cycles
  • Low noise level of the production line

Applications and Product examples

Portioning and clipping for meat, dairy, convenience and more applications.

Clipped sausages hotel portions

Clipped sauerkraut

Clipped black pudding and liver sausage

Clipped bar-shaped portioned products

Clipped liver sausage in artificial casing

Clipped processed cheese

Clipped rings and half rings

Clipped herb butter

Clipped boiled sausage in aspic

Clipped ham

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