Combined products

Combining in-demand products from different types of products

Whether regional products such as Maultaschen or internationally popular products such as spring rolls or filled dough pockets – the Handtmann process steps of filling, portioning, separating, dosing, co-extruding and forming are the building blocks for products from combined initial products. They make it possible to process a wide variety of top quality products. The scope for new combined product ideas using Handtmann systems is immense and provides potential for increased market share: meat, dough, fish, vegetables, sweets and much more.

Potato pockets

Filled dough pockets

Vegetable, cheese, meat and other fillings

Dough pockets

Filled pasta pockets, kale roulades and more

Regional products with homemade quality

Spring rolls


Combining product variety

Apple turnover

Sweet fillings and creams in dough pockets

Whether chunky fruit fillings or creamy fillings – diversity is guaranteed