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Sausage and meat products

Sausage and meat products

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Handtmann is your technology partner with decades of experience throughout the world and expertise in the production of sausage and meat products. From classic products to innovative and new product ideas with potential for gaining new market shares – the excellent portioning accuracy provided by our patented vane cell feed system is the key to a significant cost reduction and maximum product quality. Be it filled, portioned, dosed, formed, co-extruded or linked: the scope for sausage and meat products with Handtmann is immense.


Safe and reliable linking of all types of casing. Whether it be manual, automated with casing holding device or fully automatic with voider technique in the AL system. Portions accurate to the gram and equal lengths are guaranteed!


Formed sausage and meat products are in demand. Classics such as burgers and dumplings but also trend products such as finger food and snack portions. Handtmann provides countless options for product forming and design. Well-formed and with accurate weights!


Maximum productivity thanks to optimum vacuum filler and clipper synchronisation. Perfection in process at Handtmann. Because intelligent control technology coupled with the latest machine technology achieve excellent results.

Inotec Wurst abbinden


Portioning and tying of sausage products in natural casing and collagen casing in the small to medium calibre range. The products satisfy mega trends such as “like handmade” and “sustainably produced”, as they entirely eliminate the use of metal clips.