Clipping of sausage products, ham and sausages

Traditional boiled and cooked sausage, dry sausage, ham, semi-viscous products or products with large chunks can be filled, portioned and clipped using the Handtmann vacuum fillers. The vacuum fillers demonstrate particular flexibility in combination with clippers from all the manufacturers, whether it be semi- of fully automatic clippers. Product quality and weight accuracy are always first class, irrespective of whether the product is produced in artificial, collagen or natural casing. Another particular strength lies in the production of portioned products with clipping. Cold cuts such as fine cooked sausage or boiled salami can thus be portioned and clipped in portion sizes of several kilograms with the utmost precision. Maximum performance is also achieved in the clipping of cocktail sausages and hotel portions in combination with the Handtmann AL sausage filling lines.

Cooked sausage

Perfect clipping of all types of cooked sausage in all types of casing

Dry sausage

Clipping of dry sausage products and difficult to process products

Boiled sausage

Clipping of boiled sausage in all casings


Reliable clipping of ham and ham products