Dosing a wide range of meat and sausage products accurate to the gram

Precise – gentle – accurate to the gram – versatile: Gentle and exact dosing is one of the key factors for first-class product quality especially with high-quality raw materials. Portioning and dosing accurate to the gram of products of varied consistencies is one of Handtmann’s core areas of expertise. Into containers of all kinds such as casings, moulds, tubs, cans, trays, or directly into thermoforming machines or tray sealers.

Ливерная колбаса

Sausage products

Dosing boiled sausage, pressed meat in aspic, steak tartare and other accurate to the gram into containers

Вареная ветчина Цельный окорок со шкуркой

Cooked ham

Dosing cooked ham directly into moulds without pre-batching

Chunky meat

Fully automatic dosing of shish kebab, goulash and more

Вареники с начинкой

Meat fillings

Automatic dosing of meat fillings onto sheets of dough, for example


Dosing toppings on pizza, meat and more accurate to the gram