Inline grinding technology for product and cost optimisation

Filling and grinding in a single step

High evacuation capacity, gentle grinding, the flexible adaptation of the particle size of the product and extremely accurate portioning are the features of the perfect symbiosis of Handtmann portioning technology and inline grinding technology. For the production of fresh minced meat, dry and fresh sausage and formed products, resulting in first-class product quality and appearance.

GD 455 inline grinding system

The new compact GD 455 inline grinding system in combination with the VF 806 S and VF 808 S vacuum fillers is optimally designed for small-scale and medium-scale producers, providing effective optimisation of the work processes.

GD 451 inline grinding system for VF 800 vacuum filler

GD 451 inline grinding system

State-of-the-art and powerful inline grinding technology with modern VF 800 vacuum filling technology meets the highest production and quality standards.

GD 93-3 inline grinding system

With the VF 600 and the GD 93-3 inline grinding system, the product is ground to its final grain size and simultaneously portioned accurately to the gram in one process step. For ground products with first-class quality.

GD 452 inline grinding attachment for GD 451 and VF 800 vacuum filler

GD 452 inline grinding attachment

The new module for premium minced meat products in conjunction with the GD 451 inline grinding system and the VF 800. High production output with excellent product quality is guaranteed.

GD 93-6 inline grinding attachment for GD 93-3 and VF 600 vacuum filler

GD 93/-6 inline grinding attachment

In conjunction with the GD 93-3 grinding attachment and the GMD minced meat portioner, the GD 93-6 inline grinding system is the system solution for efficient, high-quality minced meat production.

GMD 99-3 minced-meat portioner

Minced meat production in a fully automatic process: from the constant VF 800 product flow and accurate portioning using the GMD 99-3 minced meat portioner, to precise positioning of the product into the tray.

GMD 99-2 minced-meat portioner

Cost reduction and product quality with the tried-and-tested minced meat portioning line, comprising a VF 600, GD 93-3 inline grinding system with GD 93-6 grinding attachment and GMD 99-2 minced meat portioner.

Automation option Depositing into trays

Minced meat automation

The minced meat portioning line from Handtmann is a flexible basic module for integrated processes for automatic minced meat production. Integration into compact process solutions through to packaging makes professional automation and rationalisation options possible.

Gristle separator for GD 451 and GD 93-3

GD 93-35 separator for gristle

A separating system which facilitates individual separating intervals removes gristle efficiently. Excellent weight accuracy is maintained.

GD 451-30 gristle and volume separator

 The Handtmann separating system with individual separating intervals removes gristle efficiently

GD 453 inline grinding attachment

The inline grinding system for a variety of minced meat portions

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