GD 93-3 inline grinding system

Filling and grinding in a single step with the VF 600

Product and cost optimisation with inline grinding system technology
With the Handtmann GD 93-3 inline grinding system technology, the product is ground to its final grain size and simultaneously portioned in one process step. The main advantage of grinding to the product's final size in this way is the reduced number of process steps. Independently controlled feeding and separating drives facilitate flexible adaptation of the cut size. The optional use of a gristle separator ensures product reliability.

Sausage production is its strength
The strengths of inline grinding system technology are demonstrated in particular when it is used in conjunction with AL systems for sausage production. The tried-and-tested combination of VF 600 vacuum filler (especially the VF 622 and VF 628 with high filling pressure up to 72 bar) and the GD 93-3 inline grinding system is the solution specifically designed for products which are difficult to process. It brings key quality advantages for the production of minced meat and minced meat products, fresh sausage, dry sausage and small-calibre dry sausage snacks.

Premium quality minced meat with inline grinding system technology
In conjunction with the GD 93-6 minced meat attachment and GMD minced meat portioner, the GD 93-3 inline grinding system is the system solution for efficient, high-quality minced meat production.

Inline grinding system technology integrated into systems
Whether it be in the AL sausage filling lines, forming systems or the high vacuum fillers – using the Handtmann inline grinding system always ensures further optimisation of product processing and quality. The sensory attractiveness of the products is a key advantage.

Top features

up to 130

Product diameter

1.5 to 8

Final grain size

3 to 5

Cutting set versions

VF 600


Top advantages

  • First-class product quality due to shortened process steps, a gentle cutting system and a clean cut  
  • Flexible adaptation of the cut size due to the independently regulated feed and cutting speeds
  • Ideal for processing dry and fresh sausage, minced meat, trend products such as burgers, cereal bars, pet food and more
  • Cost reduction due to process optimisation
  • Can be used with AL sausage filling lines, forming systems, minced meat lines, high vacuum fillers, clippers etc.

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether be it meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary, and more.

Range of dry sausage products

Range of dry sausage products

Fresh sausage

Fresh sausage

Minced meat products

Minced meat products

Cereal bars

Cereal bars

Pet food pellets

Pet food pellets



Minced meat

Minced meat

Additional equipment and accessories

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