The Handtmann Group of Companies

Thomas Handtmann manages the Group of Companies

Four generations of advanced technology

Advanced technology, innovations and the focus on the individual are key aspects of the Handtmann Group of Companies. We are renowned worldwide for our strategic, dynamic and authentic approach. The company has its roots in the Swabian town of Biberach where the Handtmann family has been managing the family enterprise for four generations: a symbiosis of modern and traditional elements, fascinating technology, a high sense of responsibility towards people and the company create an indivisible whole.

The Handtmann family

Thomas Handtmann who has been head of the company since 1998 is shaping the future of the group of companies. The goal of the Handtmann family is to pursue the future of the Handtmann Group as a family enterprise and this should continue into the fifth generation.

Organisation of the group of companies

Autonomous management structures are established in a decentralised organisation in five divisions. At the head of the group is a holding company with an Advisory Board which acts as the management, financing and holding company. Intensive investments made possible by a strict reinvestment policy of the owners of the company ensure both the innovative strength and the growth of the company. Investments and solidarity take us forward into the future.


Biberach, Arthur-Handtmann-Straße

Handtmann Biberach, Arthur-Handtmann-Strasse

Gewerbegebiet Aspach

Handtmann Biberach, Aspach industrial zone

Our headquarters in Biberach an der Riss, Germany. The Handtmann Group of Companies develops, produces, manages and sells products and services globally on an area of 800,000 m², 300,000 m² of which are covered. Click here for information on all Handtmann locations.


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Handtmann image brochure - Cover

Handtmann image brochure - Cover