“The door is open to people who pitch in”

Johann Pink, Machine Operator at Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG

“In 2001, after my military service, I applied to Handtmann Metallgusswerk as a cutting machine engineer. I realised during the initial interview that I had come to the right company. My new boss and I were immediately on the same wavelength. He was open and honest. The tasks in technical and mechanical manufacturing were a good fit with my training and so I was given the position.

I now work as a machine operator and fitter. The work is varied and exciting because I operate very different machines depending on the project. And there are new challenges to be solved with each new order. Over the years, I’ve gathered experience in so many areas and can develop myself within the company.

There are lots of ways to develop yourself at Handtmann. There are many opportunities in the company for anyone who is motivated and interested - regardless of which country they come from. I’ve learned it’s important for the company that its employees make progress in their careers. The door is open to people who pitch in and get involved. Handtmann would like to have the best people and therefore promotes its employees.

It feels great to constantly move forwards with the company. We can work independently and event take on responsibility. We personally vouch for our products, which can be seen in the quality. The customer appreciates this. We therefore get a lot of orders.

Within the company, we’re like a big family. New employees are always welcome. Sometimes, there are language problems, but we always come together with respect and address these difficulties together.

I’ve already recommended Handtmann to a lot of people I know. Simply because I think the open, honest togetherness is good, the company heeds its employees and because the work is fun. Performance is rewarded, which is evident from the pay and tasks. People who want to advance are supported in their goals. The whole package here is simply right for me.”