Production controller in production planning

"Achievements are recognised"

Patrick Ehringer, production controller in production planning at Handtmann Armaturenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

"My career path shows that anyone can get on at Handtmann if they want to. Those who take part in further training can work on the assumption that a suitable position will be found for them in the Group of Companies. New, interesting activities continually result from the growth of the various Handtmann companies."

"Achievements are recognised. I've seen this again and again at Handtmann, even when I was training to be an industrial mechanic, which I started in 1995 and was able to complete early. After that I was recruited by Handtmann Armaturenfabrik, where I worked on a CNC turning and milling machine for 1 ½ years. I was then called up for military service. Even while I was still away, my boss talked to me about my career aims and asked me if I wanted to train as a CNC programmer. I definitely didn't say no!

Handtmann paid for the required training courses and I worked as a CNC programmer until 2013. In 2014, things went another step further. I trained as a foreman, certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with 16 weeks of full-time training. Again, Handtmann were accommodating. I was able to build up my long-term working-time account in advance and use the time I'd gained for the master school. That way, I didn't lose any wages.

Before and after my foreman's training I was responsible for time management as well as other things. I checked and updated the times recorded in the work schedules, for example how long a setup process took.

My present position as a production controller that Handtmann offered me in 2015 fits to my previous experience perfectly. Due to programming and time recording, I know all the products and workflows. Today, I schedule which orders are completed in the Armaturenfabrik, including how and when. In the event of a capacity bottleneck in particular, I can respond flexibly because I know which parts can also be produced on another machine. The work is always interesting because the deadlines are fixed and I have to find good solutions so that we can meet them all.

I can identify well with Handtmann. One reason for this is that, in my experience, it's a company that does things properly. Salaries are always paid on time – for me, this shows that the company is doing well. You can tell it's a family company. They invest a lot in the business and in the people here and don't only take money out. They plan for the future and want to keep and extend the Biberach location."