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Ralf Bammert, Group Leader High-Pressure Die Casting at Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG

Ralf Bammert, Group Leader High-Pressure Die Casting at Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG

“I came to Handtmann as a career changer, having previously worked as a motor mechanic and on the production of advertising materials. In 2005, I was given a position as machine operator in Handtmann Metallgusswerk and then it was onwards and upwards step by step from there: 2007 tooler, 2009 team leader, 2011 setter, 2013 team setter and, since 2014, group leader.

At the beginning, I stood at the production line and realised I needed a bigger challenge. I watched my line manager closely and got really stuck in. For example, I printed out the programs of the robots and went through them at home to at least understand the basic functions. Whenever possible, I looked on when someone was working on the machines. My professional training and technical bent helped me a lot with this. But you also have to show the will to progress. As you can see from my résumé, that’s worth it at Handtmann.

As a team setter, I took on responsible for other employees; now, as group leader, I manage two shifts. That isn’t always easy, but it is very exciting, also because many different nationalities work together at Handtmann. I didn’t have any previous experience of managing people and had to learn a few things first. Handtmann supported me with training courses. On the whole, I think the training and development programme at Handtmann is very good, both for management tasks and for technical topics. For example, training courses are also possible on site at the machine manufacturers.

“My working day is very varied. There’s always something to do, which I like. The pay is also good and the company is very sociable. If anyone has any problems, even of a private nature, Handtmann takes a flexible approach – for example, when a change between shifts is involved. Someone I know once said: ‘You’ll only ever be just a number in such a big company.’ But that isn’t true. Indeed, my experience of the high-pressure die casting area is that of a big family. I’ve made a lot of friends here. Actually, I have a good relationship with all my colleagues.

What also motivates me is the direct contact with the Handtmann family. The top bosses tour the business and speak to the people. They show interest and appreciation. That’s a good feeling. Then there’s Handtmann’s impressive history. That and the economic success make me proud to work here.”