The Values of the Handtmann Group of Companies

The Handtmann Group of Companies enjoys high international reputation in various markets for technical solutions. Our key objective is securing the continuation of the group of companies as an independent family-owned business in the long term. With these guiding principles, the advisory board and management wish to express common values which characterise our thinking and actions and which are binding for every employee.

We are socially responsible and strive for economic success.

We aim to achieve positive growth and financial success for the benefit of our Group of Companies. At the same time we take into account the needs and welfare of all employees and associates in our business activities. We do not engage in the relentless pursuit of profit.

We develop ideas for the future which are technologically advanced and customer focused.

As a technology driven company we strive for forward thinking, customer-orientated solutions of the highest standard for our products,  our projects and the processes we adopt. These solutions must meet or exceed the expectations of the people who use them including our customers, business partners, employees, and suppliers.

We do what we say and we act in a truthful and ethical manner.

Our word is our commitment and our actions will prove it. What we say will be true and accurate. This is to instill confidence and credibility amongst each other as well as with customers, authorities, applicants, suppliers and all other contacts.

We handle all resources with consideration and use them conservatively.

To us frugality is to avoid waste. We plan and coordinate all resources such as time, workforce, money, machine tools, energy and raw materials in all well-advised and profitable manner. We do not Interpret frugality as meanness but merely to ensure our resources are used when beneficial or essential.


We respect the views and conduct of our partners in dialogue.

We extend the same degree of consideration to everyone. Every person and every organisation within the Handtmann Group of Companies and everyone we work with has equal status. This creates the basis to respect the views and behaviour of others. Showing respect does not necessarily imply agreement. It is about listening without preconception and showing appreciation for each other´s viewpoint.

We encourage open discussion and address unpleasant issues as they arise.

We speak to each other and not about one another. We appreciate direct open communication and discuss individual concerns as they arise both internally and with our business partners. On this basis everyone within the Handtmann Group has the right to speak their mind openly and respectfully. Whilst there are certain matters relating to confidential information and trade secrets which are unable to discuss, what we do say must be truthful, factual and accurate. 

We rely on and trust each other for support and cooperation.

Trust is the basis of our business where delegation and flexibility is an important factor to achieve what is needed. It is also an essential tool to helping others attain their goals.

We stand by each other and work together effectively for joint success.

We vouch for each other and behave in such a way that others can vouch for us. Together we aim to consistently grow the Handtmann Group of Companies. We encourage the coordinated efforts by each division, department and individual to look beyond their boundaries and work together for the ultimate benefit of the entire Handtmann Group of Companies.