Technologische Prozessbetreuung

Responsible for Technological Process Support in Annaberg

 “Handtmann offers its employees fair pay and lots of social benefits – from building up a long-term account through to an occupational old-age pension. The training and development programme is excellent. Having trained as a technician, I was able to start the next training right away and am now taking part in the company’s own management programme. What’s more, the work environment is very close and personal. I’d be happy to continue at Handtmann in the same vein and be able to develop myself further here in the future.”

Teamleiterin Vertriebsinnendienst

Team Manager Internal Sales

“The fact that Handtmann is constantly investing and expanding gives me a sense of security. It shows that things are going well for the company. My place of work is in a brand-new building and equipped with state-of-the-art resources. That also depends on the constant growth. I can only say that I’m happy to be a part of this company.”

Production controller in production planning

Product Manager

“I’m very satisfied with my work environment and the collaboration with my colleagues. Handtmann offers a range of notable benefits: an open seminar programme, in which everyone can take part, a canteen, parking spaces, an occupational old-age pension and occupational health management. There’s also very little red tape here. For example, purposeful training courses are approved without discussion. As my wife also works, the flexi-time arrangements at Handtmann are a good way to balance work and family life.”


Electrical Engineer

“An industrial company like Handtmann has various advantages for me over a trade business: better pay, better social benefits, regulated working times and even flexi-time, a subsidised canteen and work in closed rooms. Handtmann is always on the up, a lot is being built and invested. So I’m really proud to be able to work here.”


Application Engineering

“It’s important for me that the job fits me and is fun. Enjoying going to work in the morning matters to me even more than the pay. At Handtmann, I’ve found just such a position.”


Development Engineer

“I really like how Handtmann gets you involved in projects so quickly. I'm in direct contact with customers and partners, including those located abroad, and get a comprehensive insight into the automotive industry. The high degree of personal responsibility in the company motivates me. I can swiftly reach agreement with line managers and get prompt decisions, which I personally think is very important in development.”


Machine Operator

 “I’ve already recommended Handtmann to a lot of people I know. Simply because I think the open, honest togetherness is good, the company heeds its employees and because the work is fun. Performance is rewarded, which is evident from the pay and tasks. People who want to advance are supported in their goals. The whole package here is simply right for me.


Gruppenleiter Druckguss

Group Leader High Pressure Die Casting

“My working day is very varied. There’s always something to do, which I like. The pay is also good and the company is very sociable. If anyone has any problems, even of a private nature, Handtmann takes a flexible approach – for example, when a change between shifts is involved. Someone I know once said: ‘You’ll only ever be just a number in such a big company.’ But that isn’t true. Indeed, my experience of the high-pressure die casting area is that of a big family. I’ve made a lot of friends here. Actually, I have a good relationship with all my colleagues.”