Michael Hammerer, Application Engineer at Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Jonas Bodenbender, Development Engineer at Handtmann Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

“I first came across Handtmann in a specialist publication for engines, which contained an article on the development of the Handtmann scroll-type supercharger. My interest was piqued. I submitted an application and in 2013 wrote my thesis on this subject. I was subsequently accepted for a permanent position at the company.

As a development engineer at Handtmann Systemtechnik, I’m currently working on projects such as the Handtmann double jet, an atomisation principle which generates fine droplets by colliding two jets of fuel into each other. The aim is to further optimise the formation of the mixture in the combustion engine and to cut pollutant and particle emissions. Arthur Handtmann came up with the idea himself. My task is to investigate this principle and to test how useful it is for Handtmann. To this end, I work on the theory for this technology, build prototypes, test them, evaluate the results and let my findings flow into ongoing development. I also cooperate with various institutes and universities as well as directly with a number of automotive manufacturers.

The automotive sector is interesting for me generally. What’s more, I really like how Handtmann gets you involved in projects so quickly. I'm in direct contact with customers and partners, including those located abroad, and get a comprehensive insight into the automotive industry. The high degree of personal responsibility here motivates me. I can swiftly reach agreement with line managers and get prompt decisions, which I personally think is very important in development.

Then there’s the fact that I share the office with three colleagues, all of whom are responsible for advance development at Handtmann Systemtechnik. The teamwork in our small group is as good as it gets. We get along well and can coordinate and support each other in areas such as the manufacture of prototypes. The equipment we need is also available or is procured without delay.

The advanced training provided at Handtmann is optimal. There’s an extensive seminar programme that I can choose training courses from, such as on casting technology, patents or a range of CAD systems. I need that for everyday life at work. I’m interested in (almost) everything, which I why have probably attended an above-average number of training courses in the past two years. Handtmann supports this and encourages me in my development.

The Handtmann group is so wide-ranging that there’s probably something to interest each engineer in every area. From my point of view, I can only recommend Handtmann as an employer. Above all because the cooperation is so friendly – it’s simply a fun place to work.”