GD 453 inline grinding attachment

The inline grinding system for a variety of minced meat portions

The GD 453 inline grinding attachment provides diversity for the design of minced meat portions. In conjunction with a VF 838 S or VF 848 S vacuum filler, mixes that the upstream process prepared to the desired final grain size, are portioned accurate to the gram and given the desired shape.

For all minced meat products

The GD 453 inline grinding attachment is suitable for all minced meat applications with a portion size of 150 g to 3,000 g. All types of meat, such as beef, pork, mixed mince, chicken, vegetarian proteins, soy mince and many others can be processed.

Minced meat in various shapes

Consumers’ demand for new products is greater than ever. Minced meat portions in new shapes meet this trend. Minced meat in the form of cevapcici and minced meat portions in the most diverse shapes can be produced with the GD 453. The wide portion range from 150 g to 3,000 g provides an ample scope, from individual portions to packages for gastronomy.

Minced meat production all the way to packaging

In conjunction with a VF 800 vacuum filler and a GMD 99-2 or GMD 99-3 minced meat portioner, a fully automatic process is possible with the GD 453. The line is compatible with all commercially available packaging machines, such as minced meat depositors, tray dispensers or thermoforming machines. In this way, a fully automatic process without non-productive times or risk of contamination is possible. The additional integration of the Handtmann WS 910 weighing system offers cost reduction through guaranteed weights accurate to the gram in every packaging unit.

Top features

up to 220

Product diameter

up to 70

Product height


Cutting set


to VF 838 S and VF 848 S

Top advantages

  • Inline grinding system with compact design, small footprint and few components for easy handling

  • The latest inline grinding technology with advantages such as a cleaning opening and much more for high-standard minced meat production

  • Cost reduction thanks to parts with long service life, such as a reinforced union nut

  • First-class product quality due to the independently regulated feed and cutting speeds

  • Ideal for processing and processing minced meat and vegan mince, including the forming of trend products such as cevapcici.


Minced meat portion


Double minced meat portion

Vegan mince


3-part cutting set for GD 453

449-04 parts trolley

Parts trolley for the storage of parts

Automation option Depositing into trays

Automation option Depositing into trays

Automation option Thermo-forming machines

WS 910 weighing system

Minced meat line with GD 453 and WS 910

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