GD 451-30 gristle and volume separator for increased product safety

State-of-the-art technology - volume separator and integrated grinding with the VF 800

Integrated grinding and separating of gristle in a single step

The Handtmann separating system with individual separating intervals removes gristle efficiently. Hard components, such as gristle, sinew and bones, accumulate in front of the final hole plate. These components are concentrated, conveyed outwards and discharged by the separating knife. Product quality and product safety in a single step.

Latest technology: The Handtmann volume separator

In conjunction with the VF 800 S and the GD 451 inline grinding system, the GD 451-30 volume separator collects a defined quantity of gristle with each separating cycle and discharges the separated product. When the separated product is ejected, the missing weight is automatically compensated for by the VF 800 control system. Fluctuating factors, such as sausage meat pressure, product consistency and filling speed, make no impact on the excellent weight accuracy, which is maintained at all times.

Flexible in use in a variety of applications

The volume separator can be used in a variety of food and pet food production applications: in conjunction with the AL systems in sausage production, the minced meat portioning line, with all types of forming systems, and much more.

Top Features


Types of gristle and hard components

VF 800


GD 451


Top Advantages

  • Extremely accurate weight portioning thanks to state-of-the-art volume separating technology
  • First-class product quality and product safety due to reliable gristle separation
  • Cost reduction, since the separating result contains less lean meat but more gristle and sinew
  • Excellent hygiene conditions due to continuous process and reduction of manual interventions
  • Can be used flexibly with the VF 800 and the GD 451 inline grinding system in all Handtmann system solutions

Applications and Product Examples

Experience the diversity. A suitable solution for every application. Whether be it meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionery, and more.

Dry sausage balls

Date-fig confectionery

Range of dry sausage products


Fresh sausage

Cereal bars

Pet food pellets



Variety and efficiency with practical additional equipment and accessories

Accessories tray volume separator

Cutting set parts inline grinding system

Parts trolley

VF 800 with inline grinding system and volume separator

Volume separator in use in a minced meat line

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