MSE 441 manual forming and cutting unit

Variety and performance increase in a single step

Portioning, forming and cutting in a single step
The manual MSE 441 forming and cutting unit, in conjunction with a VF 800 or VF 600 portioning machine, is ideally suited to the production of formed food products or pet food. A fast rationalisation effect is guaranteed by partial automation of the production process. At the same time, a variety of shapes is possible thanks to exchangeable forming inserts.

Wide variety of product and product consistencies
Whether it be meat products, dough, product containing vegetables or fruit or other pasty, chunky or viscous consistencies  – there is a great deal of scope for formed and cut products portioned accurately to the gram. And this in fields of application such as meat, baked goods, convenience, dairy, fish, vegetable, vegetarian products, vegan products... and more.

Product variety with accurate weights
The product is  pre-portioned and fed to MSE 441 by a VF 800 or a VF 600 B. A forming insert creates the shape. Cutting can either be performed by a manually operated blade or a wire cutter, in line with the product. The blade is simply operated in “flip-flop mode”. Changing the moulding parts is easy thanks to the plug and play system which does not require any Tools.

Top features


Top function



Accurate to the gram




Your advantages

  • Manual solution for forming and cutting of all typed of food products
  • A variety of shapes due to a selection of exchangeable forming inserts
  • Products in many different consistencies possible, such as pasty, chunky or viscous (dough, meat, product containing vegetables or fruit ...)
  • Cost reduction through partial automation of production, precise portioning and weight accurate to the gram
  • Fast rationalisation effect thanks to simple operation

Applications and product examples

Meat, baked goods, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionery, and more.

Minced meat skewers, burgers, Cevapcici

Baked goods, biscuits

Pet food, sticks, bars

Snack products, street food, convenience

Dough, baked goods, breads, grain bread

Confectionery, fruit paste, fruit cubes

Accessories and optional equipment

The suitable accessories for every application

Wire cutter

Diversity, Forming insert, Round

Square forming insert

Production in baking tins

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