FS 525 forming and cutting system

The all-in-one forming system for formed products with optional filling

Maximum flexibility for versatile forming
The FS 525 forming and cutting system combines two different forming principles and thus achieves unprecedented flexibility in industrial applications: the hole plate forming technique allows the production of free-formed 3D products and the rotary cutter enables production of different cross-sections with a straight cut.

Easy conversion and maximum machine utilisation
The forming technology can be quickly changed within a few minutes thanks to the few components being used. This ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency to the implementation of a versatile product portfolio. The machine park can be reduced while machine utilisation can be increased at the same time. All formed products with only one system: all-in-one.

First-class, permanently reproducible product quality
The particularly gentle feeding and forming principle ensures first-class product quality and product shape retention. Product quality can be increased even further through the optional use of integrated inline grinding technology: the product is gently ground to final grain size and at the same time precisely portioned in a single process step.

Co-extrusion option further expands the range of applications 
The option of co-extrusion enables the production of filled products with closed or open ends of calibres 20 to 50 mm. Thanks to servo technology, the positioning of the filling is always accurate and precise in terms of weight, whether pasty, chunky or soft. Simple operation, fast set-up, assembly and disassembly allow a wide variety of products with fast product changes. A production output of up to 150 portions per minute is thus possible in a single lane. 

Automation options from the weighing system through to the packaging solution
The FS 525 forming and cutting system can be perfectly incorporated into integrated processes or be synchronised with automation options, such as a weighing system, tray feeding or depositing into thermo-forming machines. A wide range of digital solutions ensures future-proof production.


Top features

250 cycles/min.

Performance hole plates

350 cycles/min.

Performance rotary cutter

10 mm - 50 mm

Flattening height

Your advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in the production of formed products thanks to two forming principles (hole plates and rotary cutter)

  • Universally suitable for processing of products such as meat, meat substitute, dough, vegetarian and vegan products, confectionery, dairy, pet food and many more

  • Extremely economical production of a versatile product portfolio thanks to simple and fast conversion in just a few minutes

  • First-class product quality due to shortest filling product paths and gentle forming principle

  • High production output thanks to high cycle times and continuous process

  • Fast return on investment due to maximum machine utilisation

  • Compact all-in-one solution with small footprint

  • Compatible and interface-capable for comprehensive automation processes

  • The co-extrusion option for products with inner filling adds to the variety of applications

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether be it meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary, and more.


Co-extruded products with filling

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