Automatic Depositing Solution for the production of Bokkepootjes

Handtmann Customized Solutions

My Idea

Bokkepootjes is a traditional Dutch meringue biscuit which is held together by a dosed almond cream. Our Dutch customer was looking for an automation solution.

My Solution

Development of a special conveyor belt by HCS to transport the pastries into the correct position under the automatic dosing head. The continuously transported pastry pieces are detected by a sensor that sends the dosing signal to the vacuum filling machine. The first pastry piece (bottom side) is placed on the conveyor belt and then transported under the dosing head. Here, a 10 mm dosing valve, which is located directly at the outlet of the vacuum filling machine, doses a cream layer with a product length of 10 to 12 cm and a product width of ± 4 cm onto the pastry piece with weight precision.

  • Higher production capacities thanks to automatic process solution

  • Cost reduction due to accurate-to-the gram portioning

  • Options to flexibly adapt to different types of pastry, sizes and fillings

  • Improved hygiene by eliminating manual processing

Handtmann Customized Solution