Handtmann innovations at the IFFA 2019


Digital solutions. New technologies. Trend products.

“Making the industry fit for the future” as well as “Providing answers to the requirements of the meat-processing industry and the butchery trade” was the aim of the IFFA 2019. We are the right partner for all of that. Because state-of-the-art Handtmann technology and the latest Handtmann digital solutions make fit for the future. Handtmann trend products and technological expertise provide a response to current challenges.


Variety of new digital solutions (HDS)

Digital solutions in combination with state-of-the-art technology are our response to various requirements: stringent quality requirements coupled with ambitious cost targets, quickly fluctuating demands and changing operating staff. It takes flexibility and a top organisational structure to master all these challenges. Improve the productivity and efficiency of your business sustainably with our smart digital solutions. Secure your future. One step at a time with Handtmann as your Partner.

  • Handtmann Machine Cockpit
    Higher machine availability with the new Handtmann cloud solution.
  • Handtmann Communication Unit
    New functions for the leading Industry 4.0 solution for the planning, control and optimisation of the filling department provide real added value
  • Handtmann Monitoring Function
    Effectively secures your productions process
  • Handtmann Data Interface
    The standardised interface for easy communication with data processing systems for process optimisation
  • Handtmann Line Control
    For status monitoring in real time as well as automatic program change for the entire production line
  • and much, much more

Inspired by trend products

Beef jerky. Hybrid sausages. Veggie bites. Meat-like nuggets. Filled mini salami. Shaped bites, etc. The future lies in these and other in-vogue trend produces. Let us inspire you. We offer state-of-the-art technology and new production methods paired with sound food know-how. Get the specialist knowledge you need from us. Download now!

  • Beef jerky
  • Hybrid sausages
  • Vegetarian balls
  • Meat substitute nuggets
  • Filled mini salami
  • Formed dry sausage snacks
  • Fried poultry sausage in alginate casing
  • Twisters
  • Meat pops on a stick
  • Delicatessen and dips in alginate casing

Pioneering new developments and innovations

Increasing productivity in sausage production? Ensured by the new linking lines with the plus. Producing more cost-efficiently? Our new WS 910 weighing technology supports you – gram by gram. Making the successful entry to the world of alginate products? Then our latest and flexible ConProCompact is just right for you.

  • WS 910 weighing system
  • ConProCompact system
  • PVLS 125 plus sausage filling line
  • PVLH 228 plus sausage filling line
  • PVLSH 229 plus sausage filling line
  • MSE 441 manual cutting unit
  • 85-3 dosing valve
  • and much, much more

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