Handtmann Group of Companies acquires Inotec

Handtmann Group of Companies acquires Inotec

The Handtmann Group of Companies with headquarters in Biberach, Germany, acquires the Inotec Group. The two companies signed a corresponding purchase agreement. The acquisition is still subject to approval by the Bundeskartellamt, the German Federal Cartel Office. As a result of this close cooperation, both Handtmann and Inotec benefit from better opportunities for growth and can therefore also open up new industries. No changes to jobs are planned in connection with the acquisition.

Handtmann erwirbt Inotec

The management teams of both companies are pleased with the signing of the agreement and are very positive about the cooperation

Inotec adds to the range of services offered by the filling and portioning systems division

Handtmann Maschinenfabrik with its headquarters in the Aspach industrial estate in Biberach, Germany

The filling and portioning systems division with the Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and markets filling and portioning systems that are, among other things, used for the production of sausage products. And with great success: the company is currently represented worldwide by eleven sales branches and 60 sales partners. The systems are produced in Biberach, Germany. In 2019, the filling and portioning systems division with 800 employees generated sales of over 200 million euros. The company is the world market leader for its main target group, the meat processing industry. Handtmann Maschinenfabrik is also attracting an increasing number of customers in other food sectors, such as baked goods.

Handtmann intends to build on this success in the future together with Inotec. Inotec is a leading manufacturer of innovative mixing and emulsification technology as well as tying machines for the food processing sector. The Inotec Group employs around 270 people at four locations in Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg), Herzebrock-Clarholz (North Rhine-Westphalia), Hluk (Czech Republic) and Saverne (France). In 2019, the Group generated an annual turnover of over 30 million euros. In future, Inotec will belong to the filling and portioning systems division at Handtmann, where it will be continued in its current form. No change in the number of jobs is therefore planned in connection with the acquisition. The current Inotec management team will continue to run the company’s day-to-day operations.

Customers demand turnkey production lines

Markets, customers and competition in the food industry are changing at breakneck speed. It can be observed, above all, that companies operating in the food processing machinery sector are merging in order to be able to offer their customers a wider range of products from a single source. Especially those companies that offer complete overall solutions have particularly high potential in this respect.

Together with Inotec, we will be in a position from now on to offer complete production lines from a single source and in an alliance that is unique in our competitive environment. The “Best Brand” alliance between Handtmann and Inotec will bring enormous advantages for both companies when it comes to winning new customers and projects all over the world, and open up very positive prospects of growth for us.

Company Director Thomas Handtmann

Close sales cooperation planned

Another reason for the close future cooperation are the improved sales opportunities. “Handtmann and Inotec have already had a successful sales cooperation for the USA and Canada since 2017, and since last year also in Russia. Both companies have gained very positive experience in this respect. Under the umbrella of the Handtmann Group of Companies, we will have access to an international sales network. The merger gives us the opportunity to develop a global presence as a major provider and thus to position ourselves for the future in the best possible way,” adds Frank Gekeler, Managing Director and co-founder of Inotec.

The two companies complement each other ideally: the filling and portioning systems from Handtmann integrate seamlessly with the Inotec products, thus creating turnkey overall lines. Handtmann and Inotec also see themselves on equal terms with regard to culture, product philosophy and quality. “The two companies are close, not only geographically but also culturally. Both companies are pioneers when it comes to the development of new and innovative products, and market leaders with the highest quality standards. We place high demand on our solutions and products,” explains Thomas Handtmann.

Significant growth also creates opportunities for employees

Both companies expect rapid, significant overall growth, an image boost for the two established brands of Handtmann and Inotec and, consequently, larger market shares, greater impact and easier access to new markets. This also provides certainty about the future and opportunities for development for the employees of both companies. “We look very much forward to the close cooperation with Handtmann and are convinced that this is an important step for both companies,” says Frank Gekeler.