Trendy because it's simple and tasty: Naan bread

Light and loose Indian flatbread with the Handtmann system

When the question arises as to which food is trendy at the moment, naan bread always comes up. The flatbread actually became a hit in the context of ethnic food (similar to the hyped cloud bread, a gluten-free/no-carb bread). Anyone who regularly goes for Indian food knows about naan bread. Naan is a type of bread that is usually eaten as an accompaniment to hot meals on the Indian sub-continent. Why is naan bread suddenly so popular here? Because it is the simplest and also most versatile bread in the world!

What is naan bread?
Typically, naan bread is flat and teardrop-shaped with a curved edge. Naan is made from the basic ingredients of wheat flour, water/milk, salt and yeast. It is shaped in artisan production, mostly by hand. The secret to the special taste is a combination of the baking process in the traditional tandoori oven and the addition of Indian yoghurt, which makes the dough light and loose. During baking in the tandoori over, heat is transferred to the clay walls of the oven via a charcoal fire. After the final proof, the piece of dough is pressed directly onto the oven wall for final baking and thus receives its special bread character. Many variants exist with added spices: Sometimes the bread is merely refined with salt and pepper; other times garlic, caraway or coriander is added. The tasty, trendy flatbread with Indian spices can increasingly be found in supermarkets across Europe.

Naan pizza: A fantastic fusion
Why is naan so trendy? Because it is the ideal partner for unusual food creations! Best example: Naan pizza. Once around the whole world and it's on with Orient meets Occident: Fusion cuisine can be tastily fantastic, just like this combination of favourite Indian and Italian foods. Naan pizza is now the latest trend. As a party snack, street food or a quick lunch. It is super fast and comes in countless tasty variations.

Naan dough pieces with Handtmann SE 442
The SE 442 cutting unit divides dough accurate to the gram. It is equipped with a pneumatically operated blade and can divide as many as 200 portions a minute depending on the scaling weight, dough consistency and the vacuum portioner used. Thanks to the modular design, all product-handling components can be very quickly cleaned with a jet of water. This is a big advantage in the production of gluten-free dough, such as trendy cloud bread.

Capacity example for naan bread
VF 608 B vacuum portioner with SE 442 cutting unit
Production capacity up to 627 kg/h or 6,000 pieces/h

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