Anuga FoodTec 2024

Handtmann showcases numerous innovations at the Anuga FoodTec

March 19 - 22 in Cologne

Handtmann will be presenting numerous innovations for the production of a diversified range of food products and pet food to the international visitors at the Anuga FoodTec, Hall 6.1, Stand B010/D029 on an area of around 1,500 square metres. In terms of output, the modular process solutions from product preparation all the way through to transfer to the packaging solution are designed for all operation sizes from start-up to fully automatic, highly industrial and high-performing production.  


Innovation Handtmann Inotec IW grinder for universal chopping and grinding 

In the segment of product preparation, the Handtmann Inotec now IW series grinder for the production of meat products and pet food will be presented to the international trade fair audience for the first time. Typical applications in the area of meat and sausage products or meat alternatives are salami, minced meat, cooked sausage and fine sausage meat products. Pet food applications include wet food, sticks, bites and chunks in gravy. The three available models have been designed for medium-scale to industrial-scale food production with an output of up to nine metric tons per hour in continuous operation. Both frozen blocks down to -20 °C and fresh raw materials are chopped and ground reliably and at the same time gently without having to change blades or hole plates. For special applications, a wide range of blades and final hole plates are available. At a hopper volume of 550 or 670 litres, the IW series grinders have a generously dimensioned product reserve and can be fed by means of automated belt feed or lifting and tilting device. The new IW series grinders can be linked into the line control and safety circuitry as an integral part of automated processing lines. 

Innovation Handtmann FS 525 KOEX forming and co-extrusion system for filled products 

To interested prospects with a focus on the enduring trends of snacking and convenience, the Biberach-based company will present a host of solutions for formed products at its trade fair stand. The FS 525 forming and cutting system combines two different forming principles for maximum flexibility in industrial applications (hole plate forming technology for free-formed 3D products and rotary cutter for different cross-sections with a straight cut) and now also offers the option of co-extrusion. This option further extends the range of applications for the production of filled formed products with closed or open ends of calibres 20 to 50 mm. Thanks to servo technology, the positioning of the filling, be it pasty, chunky or soft, is always accurate and precise in terms of weight. Simple operation, fast set-up, assembly and disassembly allow a wide variety of products with fast product changes. A production output of up to 150 portions per minute is thus possible in a single lane. The FS 525 forming and cutting system can be perfectly incorporated into integrated processes, such as the Handtmann transfer system, or be synchronised with automation options such as a weighing system, tray feeding or depositing into thermo-forming machines.  

New FS 501 and FS 503 forming systems for the artisan small-scale and medium-scale performance segment 

In combination with a Handtmann vacuum filler, the new single-lane FS 503 forming system allows the fully automatic production of free-formed 3D products with a diameter of 100 mm. Nearly all 3D product shapes and geometries are possible. As an option, a flattening belt adjustable in height can be used for flattened products of 10 to 55 mm product height (e.g. burgers, patties and rounds). With the new FS 501 forming system, Handtmann now offers a flexible solution for food service, gastronomy, lunch services, catering and sales counters that is easily integrated into everyday production. The auxiliary device is mounted directly to the Handtmann vacuum filler and can be flexibly used for the processing of a wide range of product material to achieve products with homemade quality. Examples include all types of dumplings, such as potato dumplings, bread dumplings, vegetable dumplings, or soup add-ins from sausage meat dumplings and semolina dumplings to liver dumplings. However, the forming system also gives marzipan balls and other dough as well as confectionery their optimum shape. 

New, flexible in use depositing systems for a variety of products directly into packaging 

The segment of dosing and depositing will also be represented on the trade fair stand and there will be live demonstrations of a number of solutions for start-up and artisan small-scale applications as well as a multi-lane system solution for fully automated industrial production. The new DS 554 and DS 560 P depositing systems will be showcased to the public for the first time. The multi-lane DS 560 P model offers a high line output in the dosing of fluid, low-viscosity, high-viscosity, pasty, inhomogeneous and chunky filling products, above all thanks to its coordinated interfaces to packaging machines. The intuitive, easy-to-operate and servo-controlled lifting and lowering device in combination with servo-driven flow technology with integrated cutting function in the valves ensures drip-free and weight-accurate dosing. The valve, which can be flexibly used for all types of filling products, is available with the option of an outlet diameter of 16 or 32 mm with ejection piston, 8 mm with internally closing stamp or 32 mm with diaphragm. As a result, the high flexibility of Handtmann valve technology with its unique selling point allows the production of very different filling products and various portion sizes with just a few simple steps. This saves time and costs and facilitates the permanent expansion of the product range to be able to respond to current market trends. The single-lane and flexible-in-use DS 554 depositing system comes into its own when dosing chunky, fibrous and inhomogeneous filling products with portioning accuracy to the gram. The two new systems are characterised by a high degree of variability and interface capability, innovative valve technology and intrinsic safety, but also by ease of operation via the control panel of the vacuum filler. 

New automation modules for product handling 

In the segment of product handling, Handtmann will be presenting new automation modules for freshly produced products for the first time. The UB 365 underlay belt facilitates the combination of several optional working functions of aligning, underlaying paper and stacking in the smallest space. All working functions are integrated in the central control concept, which allows the transfer of existing product data and the feedback of newly recorded information. For example, deviations in shape detected by the UB 365 can be transferred to a downstream system as an ejection criteria via Handtmann Line Control. The alignment function allows the precise positioning of the products for downstream working functions and thus ensures high process stability. The UB 365 permits the continuous supply of product underlay that can be customised in length depending on the product size. Different materials and widths can be used as product underlay. Optionally, the products can then be stacked to be able to pack them as resource-efficiently as possible or transferred to a conveyor for further processing (e.g. freezer). The ES 388 loading and feeding system with a loading performance of up to 90 portions per minute into tray packaging is ideal for minced meat portions and other mince products such as rib burgers and cevapcici. Tool and tray changes within seconds and a central and networked control of the overall system via Handtmann Line Control with central programme change for the entire line achieve a high rationalisation effect. In combination with the Handtmann minced meat line a perfectly coordinated overall solution from the filling/portioning process to the packaging solution. 

New Handtmann ConProSachet system packages food products into small alginate sachets

The Handtmann ConProSachet system offers a new process for packaging fluid or pasty food products and food supplements in small sachets, pods or pockets. The system uses seaweed-based material instead of plastic films. The material is made using seaweed, one of nature’s most sustainable resources. Globally abundant and fast-growing, seaweed does not require freshwater, land or fertiliser. The most significant advantage is that the sachets are edible and can simply be ingested, or disposed of in organic waste after use, because they biodegrade within a few weeks. The strong trend towards take-away and snacking as well as convenience and ready meals renders this particularly relevant in gastronomy and food service, e. g. sauces, dips, dressings, jams and other comparable products. The system also offers potential for product innovation in other industry sectors thanks to the new edible sachet form, e.g. for sausage and cheese products.

New PVLH 251 L and PVLH 252 L sausage filling lines for high-performance production 

The new PVLH 252 L sausage filling line for the segment of industrial sausage production will be exhibited at the Anuga FoodTec for the first time. The PVLH 252 L is the mirrored version of the PVLH 251 L (long version). Both versions offer medium-scale and industrial-scale sausage producers an automated production process for the portioning, linking and hanging of cooked sausages in peel-off and collagen casing. Vegan/vegetarian products and meat substitute products can also be produced automatically in shirred plant-based casing. The production of sausage products from the pet food segment is also possible. The high-performance line comes into its own above all in classic hot dog production and with few product changes. 

In addition to numerous Industry 4.0 solutions in support of the process, the filling and portioning specialist from Biberach will also be presenting its Handtmann Customized Solutions, offering customised solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. Visitors to the trade fair can look forward to exciting new Handtmann FOOD INNOVATIONS. The range of products prepared for tasting will include numerous new concept products and product ideas, in addition to the sachets with seaweed casing.