Handtmann speaks at the GEA Craftsmanship

Handtmann speaks at the GEA Craftsmanship & THE FUTURE OF MEAT seminar.

ConPro technology a hot topic at the GEA seminar

The GEA Group is an industrial corporate group operating under the slogan engineering for a better world. The group has more than 250 operational subsidiaries worldwide, which supply process technology primarily to the food and beverage industries. The GEA Craftsmanship & THE FUTURE OF MEAT seminar took place on 9th October (in English) and 11th October (in German) at the company’s site in Bakel, Netherlands. Handtmann spoke on the topic “ConProLink system for products in alginate casing”.

Global player GEA

GEA is one of the largest system providers for the food processing industry with consolidated sales of around EUR 4.6 billion. The internationally operating technology company focuses, among other things, on process technology. GEA generates about 70 percent of its sales from the food and beverage industry and employs around 18,000 people worldwide.

Seminar with trending Topics

  • The meat revolution
  • Market insights and consumer trends
  • Safe and reliable filling in alginate casing and linking of snack sausages
  • The future starts now: the clash of burgers
  • Straight-line processes for injecting, Smoking, cutting and packaging bacon with highly functional constituent materials

Around 125 renowned participants from the meat-processing industry in Germany, throughout Europe and the Middle and Far East showed their interest in these trend topics with a focus on the preparation and production of sausages, burgers and hams. Several speakers from leading industry partners, live demonstrations and tastings provided new insights and bridged the gap between Craftmanship & THE FUTURE OF MEAT.

Handtmann ConProLink technology is a popular Topic

Andreas Heckenberger, Product Manager at Handtmann, spoke on the trending topic of Filling in alginate casing and linking of snack sausages.

“The ConProLink system enables the continuous production of linked sausages in alginate casing. Filling, portioning, co-extruding, linking and optional cutting or hanging in a single step. Flexible in use for a variety of products. In the growing market of snack products, this is an opportunity for processors to gain new market shares and reduce costs.”