New VF 800 vacuum filler for the medium performance segment

New VF 800 vacuum filler for the medium performance segment in the food processing industry

Presented for the first time at Handtmann FoodTec

Handtmann will present a multitude of innovations and enhancements at the virtual Handtmann Food Tec from 3rd May 2021. These include the new VF 800 vacuum filler models VF 820 and VF 828 S for medium-scale and high-output small-scale producers. The new vacuum fillers are universally suitable for processing foodstuffs, such as meat, meat substitute, baked goods, vegetarian and vegan products, dairy, confectionery, pet food and many other sectors of the food processing industry.


Both models are characterised by a modern but timeless appearance in the latest hygienic design with automated pre- and intermediate cleaning programs. In addition, the optionally integrated UVC degermination module and the easily verifiable cleaning quality guarantee excellent hygiene conditions. Practical advantages in handling and ergonomics perfected to the last detail ensure user-friendliness and highly efficient working. Excellent, reproducible product quality is guaranteed thanks to the gentle feed principle of the vane cell feed system of the VF 800 and integrated, digital product quality monitoring. Owing to the numerous equipment options, additional functions and modules as well as digital features in support of extremely versatile and economical use, flexibility and performance are provided at the same time to meet multifaceted applications. Integration in complex line solutions down to the packaging unit is easily possible. The unbeatably long service life and extremely robust design ensure long-term stable portioning accuracy thanks to reduced wear. Both models guarantee perfect, accurate-to-the-gram portioning precision in all applications, whether using firmer, pasty and fluid consistencies or products of medium chunk size. The portioning capacity is up to 1,200 portions/minute. Furthermore, the production output of the VF 828 S can be flexibly scaled and adapted to changing production requirements and increases. The VF 828 S3 variant offers a constantly high production output of up to 3,000 kg/h, while the VF 828 S5 variant offers up to 5,000 kg/h. Optionally, it can also be used with the integrated inline grinding system. The TÜV-tested and certified energy efficiency of both models combines operating cost reduction with sustainable, resource-conserving production.

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