A diverse range of pet food is called for!

Handtmann technology provides quality and versatility for the production of pet food

A diverse and functional range of pet food is the trend of the moment. More and more importance is being placed on quality, in terms of the product processed as well as presentation and packaging. Handtmann provides system solutions which gently process high-quality product and which portion accurate to the gram into a variety of containers. Top product quality coupled with excellent economic efficiency is thus guaranteed. Only the best for dogs, cats, horses and more with Handtmann.

Meat meals, cooked product or mixes...
precise portioning accurate to the gram into all containers, such as trays, jars, cans and thermo-forming packaging with Handtmann depositing solutions.

Fresh meat, muscle meat, chopped meat, tripe, offal...
of beef, lamb, fish, pork, vegetables or meat/vegetables mixes: clean cutting and direct portioning into containers, large packages and other single portions with the SV 424 cutting valve.

Sausage, sausages and sausage-shaped products...
in a choice of standard casing types, such as natural casing, collagen and artificial casing or in a vegetable alginate casing. Linked or cut.

Vegetarian and vegan pet food...
in alginate casing. The casing of the sausage-type products can be customized in terms of thickness, colour and taste. This creates new opportunities for developing and marketing innovative pet food products.

Sticks, bars, nuggets, pellets and treats for between meals...
Handtmann forming systems make it possible to produce products from a variety of feed materials and with various cross-sections: cylindrical products, sticks, 3D shapes, special shapes such as stars, hearts etc.

Product and capacity examples

  • Wet pet food: up to 1,800 kg/h (with vacuum filler and SV 424 cutting valve)
  • Poultry pellets: up to 360 kg/h (with high vacuum filler, vacuum filler and FS 510 forming system)
  • Sausages in alginate casing: up to 180 kg/h (with ConPro Link system)
  • Sticks: up to 1,700 kg/h (with vacuum filler and FS 510 forming system)

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Pet food is a growth market. Benefit from the trend of versatile and high-quality pet food: with technology from Handtmann!


Thanks to changing to a continuous production flow and joining two previously independent production stages we were able to reduce equipment and machinery. With regard to competitiveness, this Handtmann solution brought further competitive edge, improved profits and reduced give-away as well as production time.

Cleide Keiko (Production Manager at CARDEAL FIGORIFICO/BRAZIL)

Automatic production of a wide variety of pet food!

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Tiernahrung geformte Leckerlis

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Tiernahrung Pellets