PTH Line

PTH overall solution combines the production of tied sausage products with automatic hanging on the hanging unit

PTH portioning, tying and hanging line

The Handtmann PTH portioning, tying and hanging line offers medium-scale and industrial sausage producers an automated productions process for the filling, portioning, tying and hanging of products in natural and collagen casing. This overall solution combines the advantages of Handtmann portioning and hanging lines with those of the Inotec IGS2-iT tying technology. A patented additional tying point that makes the separating point between the products of two groups visible ensures perfectly sealed first and last portions. This enables a highly efficient overall process with high effective production output for perfectly tied, high-quality products like handmade. The slight “overfill” creates nice, well-filled products with a bite and saves on casing at the same time. The tied sausages are reliably transferred to the hanging unit at the tying point with flexible hook and group spacing. From here, the products such as Regensburger, Sardelki or Špekáčky are simply placed on a smoke stick and sent to thermal treatment. The spacing of the individual portions defined by the hanging unit additionally ensures even smoking and cooking. Full-pressure tying prevents filling product residues at the tying point and thus guarantees hygienically flawless production, as does the elimination of manual intervention.

Thanks to the optimal synchronisation of the individual components and automatic programme change, the overall line is easy and intuitive to operate. A swivelling filling tube facilitates casing spooling, as does an optional casing spooling device and an optimally accessible natural and collagen casing magazine. The large Inotec twine rolls reduce changeovers to a minimum, with twine changes completed in just a few simple steps. In case of lack of twine or casing, the line switches off automatically and rejects are prevented. This ensures a highly effective production output of up to 280 portions per minute. Accurate-to-the-gram portion weights with only minimal give-away and savings in casing owing to very narrow product spacing between the portions significantly reduces production costs. Thanks to the PTH line solution, products can be produced in natural and collagen casings with the sales-promoting quality feature “like handmade” in calibres from 28 to 45 mm and hung on the hanging unit in variable groups from loops of 4. An automated production process that meets the megatrends “like handmade” and “sustainably produced”.