Customized Solution for dough dividing and flouring

Our team Handtmann Customized Solutions has developed a tailor-made solution for a major customer from the baking industry, which produces at several production sites in Germany and supplies retail chains and branches: Dough dividing with customized integration of two flourers. In this case, the continuous oil-free production process with dough dividing and flouring is used for the industrial production of packaged sliced bread, optionally with or without oilseeds (whereby this production solution can generally be used to process a wide variety of doughs).

In order to integrate the two flourers (belt and dough piece), the dough dividing unit was raised to customer specifications using the Handtmann SE 442 cutting unit. This increase allows the belt to be floured by the first flattener under the dough piece. The second flattener flours the surface of the dough piece and thus enables problem-free subsequent rounding using a belt round moulder. Depending on the production or dough consistencies to be processed, the two flourers can be switched on or off individually. This means that only one of the two beaters can be used for less sticky doughs. Thanks to the modular production process, it is also possible to transfer the dough to a conical round moulder.


  • Completely oil-free dough dividing and production process for a wide variety of dough owing to the integration of flour dusters  

  • Cost reduction through reduction of the amount of flour used thanks to sequential flouring of belt and dough piece  

  • Integrated system solution with central control and easy access to the product parameters via the portioning machine 

  • Hygienic production process due to minimal level of “contamination by flour” of the production environment 

  • Cost-controlled production and reproducible product results due to easy access to the flouring parameters for each product 

Our Customized Solution in Action