Transfer system

Automatic transfer system for feeding and depositing portioned or formed products into trays.

The Handtmann transfer system offers process-reliable feeding and depositing of formed products (e.g. burgers) or portioned products (e.g. minced meat) into trays. The modular design of this automation solution, comprising the RB 371 retraction belt, ZB 375 feed belt and TD 387 tray denester , enables flexible, effective and reliable product handling in a wide range of food production processes including meat, dairy, convenience and vegan/vegetarian products.


Modular from filling and portioning process through to packaging

With the modular transfer system, Handtmann offers medium-scale and industrial producers a complete automation solution from the filling and portioning process to the depositing of products in the packaging solution. The transfer system can optionally be used in combination with the FS 525 forming and cutting system for formed products or the integrated GMD 99-2 or GMD 99-3 minced meat portioner for minced meat portions. The change is quick and easy without having to realign the line. Modules such as the Handtmann WS 910 advanced weighing system can also be integrated for additional weight and process control.

Flexibility for a wide variety of applications and depositing patterns

The Handtmann transfer system offers a high degree of flexibility for a wide variety of processes and applications, such as burgers, rib burgers, cevapcici, kebabs, cream cheese slices or minced meat portions. A wide variety of product depositing patterns are possible in the process of tray feeding and depositing the products into trays. The products to be processed are both stacked and shingled with the utmost care.

Economical overall process with excellent hygiene conditions

All modules of the transfer system are integrated into the central and networked Handtmann control system, which ensures perfect synchronisation and the simplest operation of both modules and overall line. The overall line can also be optionally controlled via the 12.1" colour touchscreen display of the RB 371. The integrated quality monitoring including control of the product lengths and targeted ejection ensures a continuous and economically efficient overall process. Consistent hygienic design and the elimination of manual interventions additionally ensure excellent hygienic production conditions.

Top features

325 x 265 x 100 mm 

Max. tray dimensions

80 x 80 x 20 mm 

Min. tray dimensions

up to 120


up to 200


Top advantages

  • High rationalisation effect with significant increase in efficiency due to perfectly coordinated overall solution from the filling/portioning process to the packaging solution, optionally with integrated Handtmann WS 910 advanced weighing system

  • Handtmann Line Control (HLC) with intelligent start/stop and pause scenarios, central programme changeover, standardised interface for downstream devices such as packaging machines and optional networking with HCU software

  • Significant cost reduction due to less manpower as well as excellent weight accuracy of the individual products

  • High flexibility both for formed products in a variety of shapes, product sizes and depositing patterns or as well as minced meat portions due to the simple exchange of modules

  • Consistent quality standards with perfect appearance of the products in the packaging due to the elimination of manual interventions as well as integrated quality monitoring with control of the product lengths and targeted ejection

  • Flawless hygienic production process due to reduction of manual intervention and open, hygienic machine design with best accessibility for optimal cleaning

Product film

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary or more.


Handtmann burger tray

Burgers in trays

Handtmann minced meat

Minced meat in trays

Handtmann vegan mince

Vegan mince in trays

Handtmann vegetarian burgers and balls

Vegetable burgers in trays

Handtmann Cevapcici

Cevapcici in trays

Handtmann Ribburger

Rib burgers in trays

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