TD 387 tray denester

Modular tray denester for medium-scale and industrial producers

The Handtmann TD 387 tray denester is a flexible system for medium-scale and industrial producers, who wish to reliably deposit and dose their products into trays. Forming a module in an automated, continuous and thus economically efficient overall process, the denester reliably denests and feeds the tray packaging.

Handtmann TD387

Efficient process thanks to the reliable denesting and feeding of trays

The TD 387 tray denester acts as a reliable module for the automatic denesting and feeding of tray packaging in the overall production process. The optimal interplay of precise servo drives and Handtmann control technology ensures and efficient overall process.

Easy synchronisation and operation in complete solutions

The TD 387 tray denester is integrated in the central and networked Handtmann control system, which ensures perfect synchronisation and simplest operation. The open design of the denester tool providing easy accessibility further supports the optimal operation of the tray denester.

Top features

Up to 200


1.0 kW

Connected load


Safety category

Top advantages

  • High level of flexibility in production thanks to the safe handling of the most diverse tray formats and changeover of tray formats in less than 1 minute

  • Reliable module in fully automated processes through the reliable and controlled denesting of the trays owing to precise servo drives and Handtmann control technology

  • Simple synchronisation and operation via the central and networked Handtmann control system

  • Optimum accessibility and operation due to the denesting device’s open design.

  • Excellent hygiene conditions thanks to hygienic design and easy cleaning  

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary or more.


Handtmann burger tray

Burgers in trays

Handtmann minced meat

Minced meat in trays

Handtmann vegan mince

Vegan mince in trays

Handtmann vegetarian burgers and balls

Vegetable burgers in trays

Handtmann Cevapcici

Cevapcici in trays

Handtmann Ribburger

Rib burgers in trays

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