Lauramid Hybrid®: Innovative plastic-metal foam combination

The Lauramid Hybrid® material comprises a metal foam that is encapsulated either fully or partially by PA 12C Lauramid® in a pressureless process. On casting, Lauramid® penetrates into the pores of the metal foam component, thus creating an inseparable mechanical compound. No other joining components are required. Lauramid Hybrid® has won the Materialica Design + Technology Award for its innovative properties.

There are two different versions of Lauramid Hybrid®:

  • Closed-pore Lauramid Hybrid® for applications where weight savings and rigidity are important
  • Open-pore Lauramid Hybrid® for applications where the components need to be extremely rigid

More information on Lauramid Hybrid®

Your advantages

  • Inseparable mechanical compound of Lauramid® and metal foam
  • Open-pore version with extreme rigidity
  • Closed-pore version with extreme light weight and good rigidity