Lauramid® application example: Automotive

Dimensionally stable Lauramid® components are also used in the automotive industry, for example as rollers in vehicle sliding doors and as pedal components. They can also be deployed in electromechanical steering gears.

The minimal flattening in static state, the low rolling resistance, the extremely low component weight and the dimensional stability are just a few of the reasons for choosing this unfilled cast polyamide. Components made of Lauramid® are thus highly reliable for the entire service life of the vehicle.

Lauramid® in the automotive industry: Facts

Material Lauramid® A, Lauramid® B , Lauramid® Inject 970
Production method Finished parts, mould casting
Component examples Guide rollers without ball bearings, bearing rollers with ball bearings, components on the pedals of a racing car, toothed wheel on a steering gear
Industry-specific properties High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, low water absorption, extremely low component weight

Other industries and application examples

Due to its excellent material properties, Lauramid® is suitable for use for a wide variety of innovative parts and for applications in numerous industries. The following industry examples provide an insight into the virtually unlimited possibilities that our high-tech plastic provides.