Toothed and chain wheels made of Lauramid®: High performers

Due to its excellent tribological properties, Lauramid® is particularly well-suited for toothed wheels. Lubricant-free running coupled with low abrasion and excellent noise and damping characteristics make Lauramid® the perfect material for toothed wheels. The ideal sliding properties of our cast polyamide are demonstrated with plastic-steel combinations in particular.

With a number of applications, this lengthens the service lives while at the same time reducing downtimes. Toothed wheels made of our high-performance plastic also facilitate better transmission of energy at high torques. In conjunction with encapsulated cast metal hubs, low-cost overall solutions can thus be achieved.

The high-performance Lauramid® is used, for example, in the packaging sector, as a pinion shaft in tyre producing plants, in barley turning facilities and in underwater turntables. Toothed wheels made of the food safe Lauramid® FS are ideal for applications in sensitive fields, such as medical technology or food production.

Consultation, design and production

We optimise all the relevant characteristics of your toothed wheels, taking the conditions in which they are used into account. At Handtmann Elteka, we have developed our own calculation programmes for this purpose.

Your advantages

  • Lubricant-free running
  • Ideal sliding properties
  • Excellent noise and damping characteristics
  • Very good torque transmission
  • Retains shape, even underwater
  • Very low-maintenance, even in continual use