PA 12C Lauramid®: Casting without limits.

The high-performance cast polyamide for custom components and parts

Lauramid® is a cast polyamide developed by Handtmann Elteka. Machine components for complex applications are cast from this material.

In the form of a low-viscosity melt, the feed material is cast in casting dies without pressure, where it is polymerised into a high-molecular material. The experience gained over many decades and the production technology developed by Handtmann Elteka guarantee a reproducible, constantly high material quality.

What is cast polyamide?

A cast polyamide is a polyamide that has been cast without pressure. Handtmann Elteka produces a cast polyamide that is known internationally as PA 12 C (previously also known as PA 12G). "C" stands for "cast". The number 12 stands for the number of C atoms in the fundamental building block of the molecule.

The raw material used for the production of cast polyamide 12 is pure laurolactam. A catalyst and an activator are added to this after melting and it is then reacted in accordance with the activated anionic lactam polymerisation principle. This formula was developed by plastics specialists at Handtmann Elteka as a result of research and development work carried out over many years, and it is unique the world over.

PA 12C is superior to injection moulded and extruded PA 12

Up to a length of 6 m and a weight of 1,000 kg – PA 12C (previously also known as PA 12G) Lauramid® can be cast into virtually any shape required and with much larger dimensions than are possible with injection moulded PA 12. Due to the pressureless casting process, the Lauramid® components boast extremely low internal stresses – as opposed to injection moulded components. Furthermore, Lauramid® is superior to a PA 12 in terms of its combinations of properties, such as yield stress/notch impact strength/tensile modulus of elasticity. Because of the higher crystalline content, the melting point of PA 12C is also higher than that of injection moulded or extruded PA 12. 

The possibilities offered by Lauramid®

Semi-finished products and, above all, custom, near net shape components are produced directly with Lauramid® casting. This is where the casting technology really comes into its own. Innovative solutions and component geometries are thus created from the high-performance cast polyamide. Lauramid®: Casting without limits.