Food safe Lauramid® FPM: For special uses

Food safe in accordance with EC regulation

Lauramid® FPM complies with the conditions of the regulation on food safety (EG-No. 1935/2004). Thanks to the excellent migration values, Lauramid® FPM is the perfect choice, even for production steps involving long contact between the food and the plastic. The fact that Lauramid® FPM is pore-free helps to ensure that germs do not develop during the production process.  

Lauramid® FPM - the material for demanding applications

Lauramid® FPM (FPM = Food - Pharma - Medical) is used where qualified materials are required: for example in the food production, packaging and filling industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Just like the standard Lauramid®, Lauramid® FPM can be cast in almost any shape, making perman-ently embedded metal hubs and reinforcements possible.

The mechanical properties of Lauramid® FPM are identical to standard Lauramid®.

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Your advantages

  • High bearing capacity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low rolling resistance
  • "Memory effect"