Lauramid® mould cast parts

Near net shape cast components that make time-consuming secondary operations superfluous

Up to a length of 10 m or a weight of 1,000 kg – PA 12C Lauramid® can be cast into almost any shape required. This is facilitated by two factors: the special material properties of the high-performance polyamide and the casting technology developed especially by Handtmann Elteka. Together with you in close dialogue, we therefore produce custom, near net shape components for your application. Whether it be components with inner and outer freeform surfaces and contours, variations in wall thickness or directly encapsulated steel reinforcements – with our know-how and passion, we work on finding the best solutions to meet your requirements. From initial brainstorming to the finished component, with us you receive everything from a single source.

The examples shown here are components for and in various industries that have to meet a wide variety of requirements.

For example, the naturally coloured pipe elbow is used in large-scale laundries where it connects up a pipe system in which the wet, sometimes chemically treated laundry is transported pneumatically from one station to the other. The excellent surface characteristics of Lauramid® enable the laundry to be transported without getting stuck or being damaged.

The 2,500 mm long black propeller is also directly cast from Lauramid® in one piece, including the hub. The propeller is used in agitators in biogas plants. The mash in the containers is a chemically aggressive medium that other materials were not able to withstand so convincingly.

Lauramid® mould casting: Facts

Material Lauramid® A, Lauramid® B, Lauramid® FS, Lauramid Hybrid®
Production method From one-off parts to millions of units
Component dimension Up to 10 m in length and a weight of up to 1,000 kg possible
Advantage compared to finished parts Creative overall design possible. Cost savings as time-consuming machining is not needed and material is saved.