Lauramid® semi-finished products

With a widespread supply range

Order semi-finished products directly from the Lauramid<sup>®</sup> online shop

Order semi-finished products directly from the Lauramid® online shop

A diverse portfolio of semi-finished products that you can finish at your plant are also produced by means of Lauramid® casting. Lauramid® semi-finished products can be cut very successfully as they have a very homogeneous and low-tension structure.

What semi-finished products are available and who are they the right choice for?

Semi-finished products are prefabricated raw material shapes. Purchasers of semi-finished products finish the pieces themselves in order to create exactly the parts they require by means of sawing, planing, shaping or other mechanical machining steps. In this way, rotationally symmetrical parts, such as toothed wheels, rollers and cams, can be produced from the rods and cylinders. Sheets and sections of them are also often finished by the customer.

Large assortment

A large assortment of sheets, solid cylinders, rods and pipes made of Lauramid®, with and without steel reinforcements, can be supplied directly from our warehouse. On request, special formats can also be custom-made at short notice by means of sawing, planing and shaping. Information is available on request.

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Lauramid® semi-finished products

  • Sheets, rods, pipes, cylinders with and without metal hubs
  • Parts can be machined on standard machining centres or turning machines
  • Very good cutting properties due to the low-tension, homogeneous material structure
  • Additional stability when in use due to encapsulated metal hubs
  • Wide supply range directly from the warehouse 
  • Advantage for small series productions