Cam made of Lauramid<sup>®</sup>

Cam made of Lauramid®

Tappets and cams made of Lauramid®: Ensure movements keep to the bends

Cams and eccentric cams made of the Lauramid® high-performance polymer are superior to comparable components made of other materials in numerous ways. The excellent damping characteristics of PA 12C reduce peak stresses significantly, especially in connection with high-speed bends.

Cams and eccentric cams made of Lauramid® are used, for example, in the packaging and food industry and in printing and embroidery machines.

Your advantages

  • Significantly better wear resistance and fatigue strength than, for example, POM, with dry running
  • Cost-savings as stainless steel is not used and, for example, the running surfaces do not have to be tempered
  • Lower mass moment of inertia than steel as the weight is reduced to 1/7 and to 1/3 with aluminum respectively
  • Less noise in comparison with steel/steel combinations
  • No tempering of the running surfaces required